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Netflix continues to grow globally.  As Netflix pivots to become a local producer of content across the world, and with 130 of our roughly 204 million members living outside the United States, our marketing efforts are also hitting international strides. We’re looking for a veteran music clearance and creative manager to support Netflix’s Marketing and PR teams based in the APAC region. This role will report into the Music Group in Los Angeles, and will also be part of the Marketing Legal Group at Netflix.


Our Marketing and PR campaigns are a key part of Netflix’s ongoing success, and music is core to those campaigns.  Working closely with the company’s stakeholders in the Marketing and Publicity organizations and Music Group, the successful candidate will be comfortable advising on a wide range of music matters, keeping in mind the strategic goals of the company and understanding the broader legal implications of taking one action over another.  In addition, the ideal candidate loves everything music.  They spend their free time going to venues, searching the Internet for the next great artist, and studying musicology.  They know everyone in the industry - the record labels, publishers, artists, managers, agents, studios, networks, agencies, marketing teams, producers, post producers, editors, and directors.  They think having several different licenses (synch, master, mechanical) for the same work makes complete sense and don’t think twice about a 7-way ownership split for “a side” of a song.  They understand copyright as it pertains to music and have worked on projects across a variety of countries in APAC, specifically Korea and Japan.


The successful candidate will be someone who loves working in an environment where freedom and responsibility are tenets, and passion, innovation and curiosity are mandates.  They will have incredible soft skills to compliment a diligent work ethic.  They seek an environment that places thoughtful efficiency over process yet they know how to work with organizations or institutions that may not hold the same beliefs.  This memo outlines how they always thought a company should be run.

List of Responsibilities:

The point person for all music questions from the marketing teams in all APAC offices, and the point person for all external music inquiries pertaining to marketing.

Advise APAC marketing teams on music activations (risk assessment, music clearance, creative, budgets & fees, music production, etc.)

Align with marketing music counterparts across the globe in order to maintain a cohesive and thoughtful global music strategy.

Help shepherd soundtrack projects in the region.

Align closely with local Music Business & Legal Affairs and Marketing Legal teams.

Build, review and automate workflows to help anticipate marketing music requirements and to super serve marketing business partners

Researching music ownership and seeking/obtaining quotes from labels and publishers.

Managing, negotiating, and preparing/reviewing licenses for the use of music in marketing A/V.

Negotiating and executing custom music projects with music houses, artists, and producers.

Building and maintaining strong relationships with third-party companies, labels, artists, studios, publishers, producers, various guilds and music/performance associations.

Meeting with current and new music production houses, libraries, songwriters and producers and making recommendations for future opportunities.

Managing Netflix Marketing and Publicity’s music clearance needs and rights management, including tracking territory, media and terms and maintaining all cue sheets.

Providing creative input as needed to the Marketing teams.

Following industry trends for new business/content opportunities.

Participating in other projects specific to Netflix’s marketing music needs.


The ideal candidate will have at least 7 years of direct music supervision or clearance experience at a major production company, film/television studio, television network, ad agency, music publisher, or record label.

This role is based in the APAC region and is somewhat flexible depending on current location and language proficiencies. The candidate will be expected to stay closely aligned with the marketing music team in the U.S. and Amsterdam.  Netflix has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore.

Demonstrated curiosity about how different backgrounds and cultures affect us at work, and a commitment to acknowledge and work past implicit biases that we all have.

Excellence in an autonomous work environment with a vision to spot broad issues and create solves, and an attitude humble enough to dive into the day to day work.

Fluency with technology and experience using data analyzation as a tool to inform strategic choices and solve problems.

Clear, concise communication skills which help business partners understand complex music choices quickly and simply.

Ability to distill salient points and frame and present issues succinctly.

Ability to work proactively, independently and reliably on multiple projects under tight timeframes in a fast-paced production environment.

Ability to pivot quickly, think practically, and be solution-oriented.

Entrepreneurial spirit with an eye for disruption.

Should be fluent in English and at least one other language relevant to the territory


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