Theori is opening its first branch office in South Korea! The official opening date is February 2017 and the office will be located at WeWork Gangnam. We have already assembled a great team in Korea and we can’t wait to get started.

Korea is an exciting opportunity for us because it has a large pool of great hackers and is incubating the next generation of whitehat hackers. Led by our researchers in the USA, our team in Korea will conduct exciting new research, develop new solutions, and provide services catered to the Korean market. We hope to share some of this research at some of the many security conferences in Korea and around the world.

On day one, the team in Korea will be led by the amazingly talented Youjin Lee. She is finishing her master’s degree at KAIST in Computer Science, and has been an active participant in CTFs with GoN since 2010. We are excited to have Youjin on our team and to see what she is able to accomplish. Stay tuned to our blog for introductions to the rest of the team and their work over the next few months.

While we were in Korea, we also established a relationship with RaonSecure. RaonSecure is a leading security company based in Korea with major customers in enterprise, finance, and government. We will work together to provide better services to customers of both companies.

Are you in Korea and looking for a team to help you solve a challenging security problem? Contact us!
We are always open to opportunities with interesting work.

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