Principal, Technical PM(Growth Marketing)

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We are looking for passionate builders to help us get there. Powered by world-class technology and operations, we have set out to transform the end-to-end Customer experience -- from revolutionizing last-mile delivery to rethinking how Customers search and discover on a truly mobile-first platform. We have been named one of the “50 Smartest Companies in the World” by MIT Technology Review and “30 Global Game Changers” by Forbes.

Coupang is a global company with offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley.

The Growth Engineering team is charged with profitably improving the growth of Coupang’s customer base as well as top line revenue. We achieve this through generating demand and customer acquisition/loyalty through internal/external marketing activities. Our philosophy is to scale our customer touch points and communications through automated, data backed intelligent decision making as opposed to manual intervention. We build scalable, enterprise level marketing systems and platforms that puts Coupang at the forefront of global buying side marketing technology.

As a Technical Program Manager, you will work closely with members of multiple business teams, product marketing, retail, operations, & finance teams to help define, streamline, design business requirements and then work with engineering teams to articulate requirements, perform functional & technical analysis and drive engineering to implementation via all phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). You will be part of a global team working from different locations but still works as a central connected unit. You must possess a strong blend of technical, business, project management, collaborative skills, and the ability to communicate effectively across various levels of the organization.


· Increase active Customer base by millions while growing wallet share by double digit percentage points by building state of the art marketing platforms

· Provide project leadership, mitigate project risks, make trade-offs, and balance the business needs versus technical constraints

· Deliver technical leadership pertaining to how software applications are built and integrated into the existing Coupang ecosystems

· Build and maintain a complete project schedule, continuously update management and key stakeholders, and drive it through to completion

· Work to decompose requirements into technical execution plans with multiple development teams, track progress towards goals, and report status to business and technical stakeholders throughout the company

· Act as the technical interface between Product Owners and the software development teams to manage product delivery lifecycle. Help define user stories, research appropriate technical solutions, and provide guidance to the team regarding architecture, design and priorities

· Collaborate with cross-function teams to identify existing components and technologies that can be leveraged to deliver on our goals. Help identify, establish and monitor metrics to report on the usage and customer behavior


· Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology/ Systems, Business Administration, or related field

· 5 years of Program Management / Technical Lead / Software Developer experience in delivering large-scale and complex technical initiatives on cloud using web services

· Strong understanding of agile software development processes like SCRUM, Kanban and XP

· Excellent cross-group collaboration and outstanding verbal and written communication

· Demonstrated virtual team leadership capabilities


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채용 마감일 2018-10-05
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2010년 8월 설립 이후 한결 같이 '고객 중심'가치에 집중하며,
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외적 성장뿐 아니라 모바일 서비스, 빠른 배송 서비스, 기술 강화 등
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2010년 5월 설립, 2년 만에 연 거래액 1조원 규모 달성
유례 없는 성장 속도, 최단 기간 흑자 달성으로 전세계
IT 기업들과 어깨를 나란히 하는 대한민국 대표 이커머스 입니다.

대한민국 국민 3명 중 1명은 쿠팡 회원

210만 4,000여 명이 쿠팡 애플리케이션으로 쇼핑(2012년 11월 기준)

세계에서 가장 가치있는 벤처 기업을 선정하는 미국 '비즈니스 인사이더' 의
기업가치 평가에서 쿠팡은 알리바바, 블룸버그, 트위터 등
유망한 글로벌 IT 기업과 함께 순위 안에 진입
(사용자, 시장기회, 성장속도, 투자자 등의 항목으로 평가)

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