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Coupang is one of the largest and most disruptive standalone e-commerce companies in Korea whose focus on continuous innovation is revolutionizing the way Korean consumers shop. We have attracted over 12 million purchasers who have collectively made over 200 million purchases on our site and generate billions of visits each year. We currently compete within Korea’s $342 billion retail market, of which e-commerce comprises $~$60 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15-20% hitting $130bn by 2020.

Coupang’s Business Analysts provide insights across multiple business domains.  Business analysts are deeply involved in the decision making process and drive business success by championing data analytics throughout the organization. Every project at Coupang starts with your strong ownership, concrete analysis and actionable business insights. Join us to unlock the future of Coupang’s strategic initiatives. 


Global Operation Technology:

Have you ever wondered what happens after you place an order in eCommerce? Global Operation Technology are the team that enables each order to be delivered to the customer without a delay.  We develop systems and services that take the customer's orders and decide which warehouse to send the orders, how to best to put them into a single or multiple boxes, what routes should the packages take, and how to show these statuses to the customer.  On daily base, we deal with a leading edge software technologies to calculate the promise delivery date of an order using the inventory location (origin) and a customer location (destination), to build algorithms to predict and forecast the daily max capacity of warehouses, sortation centers, and delivery truck for operation and planning, to forecast next inbound order volumes and locations, and to maximize customer experience through simplified real time tracking information and notification.  We are the teams that build the system which controls the whole operations of Coupang including the system for Coupang Man.  Come join the team and, together, we can build the system that propels Coupang's tomorrow.

CS and C-returns Systems:

We are the heart of Coupang. We relentlessly advocate for customers by hearing customer's voice and distributing to the entire company by Andon mechanism. Proactive Customer Service is a game changer in E-commerce. We are not only solving customer's problems, but also proactively forecasting future events to prevent the post-purchasing issues at the first place. We achieve our missions by working backward from customer's contacts and voices. You will enjoy solving tough problems by the cutting edge technology and make history with company's growth.

Transportation System:

In Transportation System, we are working on typical CS optimization problems, such as "Traveling Salesman Problem" (TSP). If you have 7 places to visit, you have 360 different paths to consider.  If you have 14 places to visit, you have 3,113,510,400 possible paths. As the number of places to visit become 80, the possible path becomes more than 40 times the number of atoms in the whole universe, not earth!  We also work with systems that provide a real time tracking for the customer packages, manage and control integration with 3rd party hardware and software, forecast and predict the package volumes for each of the path, and collect and analyze big data for further optimization.  We love solving hard problems, continuously improving ourselves and having fun while doing it.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems:

SCM Systems helps Coupang manage inventory for all items sold and fulfilled by Coupang. We own systems that forecast customer demand, automate the inventory buying and replenishment process, create and manage purchase orders, gather and surface information about our suppliers, and integrate inventory-related information with accounting and settlement systems. Our systems need to scale with the growth of Coupang's retail business, and our goal is to leverage technology to build an automated and efficient supply chain that is a core part of driving innovation and value for our customers.



Understand the various operations across CS and C-returns

Develop meaningful metrics in collaboration with multiples teams, business stakeholders and senior management.

Provide Root Cause Analysis across various business domains and drive measureable improvement of key business initiatives

Work with various analytics teams to get access to relevant data based on business stakeholders’ needs, and proactively seek out opportunities to automate routine analysis to drive decision-making efficiency.

Build automated reports using Business Intelligence tools to visualize data and effectively provide insights to business stakeholders.



At least 2 years of experience with advanced skill in using SQL is a must.

Intermediate to advanced skills in using Excel and Access is preferred.

Ability to understand multiple retail business models and their technical implementation.

Ability to prioritize work in a complex, fast-paced environment.

Ability to work with ambiguous problems.

Strong analytical skills, excellent communication and stakeholder relationship management skills.

Bachelor's degree majored in finance, technical, business, analytical or related majors (mathematics, computer science, engineering, statistics, economics etc.)

Preferred relevant working experience in Retail/e-commerce/marketing.

Fluent in Korean language



Exposure to software development process.

Must be detail-oriented and have aptitude for solving unstructured problems. The role will require the ability to extract data from various sources and to design/construct/execute complex analyses to derive business solutions.

Strong oral, written and presentation skills combined with the ability to lead group discussions and explaining complex solutions. Must communicate clearly in text - key deliverables will take the form of multi-page narratives.

Ability to be adaptable and flexible in responding to deadlines and workflow fluctuations.


Job Detail

Location: Seoul, Korea


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채용 마감일 2016-12-16
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