Mathpresso @ IFA 2018 — Berlin, Germany

In our effort to expand Mathpresso globally, we attended the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. As part of Samsung Creative Square, we got to present our project to visitors from various background.


IFA entrance

Samsung Creative Square is the startup incubator run by Samsung Mobile. Through this program, Samsung provides us with their resources: mentorship, business partnership, technologies, PR opportunities like attending global exhibitions.

Our booth

IFA 2018 took place at Messe Expo center in Berlin, Germany from August 31st to September 5th.

Our booth was in the middle of the City Cube, a 6000m2 hall that Samsung totally filled with their new products.

Creative Square booth

Alongside us were 3 other promising startups also part of the program. - 39ºC: just like a TV director, manage your stream from your tablet, and broadcast to Twitch, Youtube, … from up to 4 different devices. - Liner: the highlighter for the web. Highlight pages as you read them, it’s then categorized in your account so you don’t lose the key points. - Realgam: a VR gauntlet accessory that simulates force feedback (gun recall, sword, lifting heavy weights, …) in your VR sessions.

We got to talk to a lot of international visitors from diverse background. While students were the most interested about our Qanda app, seniors were also very impressed by what we could do with current technologies. All of them wished they had access to this kind of service during their time. 😄 We also received the visit of multiple professionals that were interested in our project and business development ideas.

Our CEO and co-founder Ray demonstrating Qanda

It was a very interesting experience, explaining our project to very different types of people and receiving their feedback allowed us to improve our understanding of the needs have new features ideas, and also learn about cultural differences that we might encounter while developing our project abroad.

With more than 150,000m2 of show floor, IFA hosted 2000 exhibitors and welcomed 250,000 visitors on 6 days of event… Samsung showcased they expertise in mobile with maybe a third of the City Cube dedicated to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 recently released.

The artist Mr.Doodle was here to draw some selfie stickers

The rest of the hall was about IoT (internet of things) products: devices like phone, TV (have you seen that 8K TV beauty ?!), robot vacuum, air-conditioner even oven and laundry-machine connected with each other. The phone will alert all the devices when you get to home, to start the oven, turn on the light, play some music and turn the AC on. Pretty awesome right..?

Everything is connected!

Google was probably one of the most talked about company that was attending the event. Many companies were demonstrating their connected TV or device and a lot of them implemented Google Assistant, the AI assistant by Google (like Siri). To make the visitors see as many partners as possible, Google created this little “adventure” were you had to visit and collect a pin at 5 partner companies and learn about how you could use the assistant with their products. After collecting the 5 pins from them, you could go the Google Assistant booth to take a chance at their “slot machine” and you will win goodies!

Pins for days

You can’t really miss it


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