Mathpresso 2019 Summer Abroad Workshop

A simple review for 4 days’ company workshop in Boracay


On the way to Boracay — The sky can’t be described by words :)

Hi ~ I am Nicole, Product and UX Designer in Mathpresso.

In this article, I want to introduce ‘Mathpresso Workshop’, one of the best ‘team-building’ methods in Mathpresso.

In Mathpresso, we have two workshops every year. Usually, one is held in South Korea and the other one is held abroad. So if you are a big fan of ‘traveling somewhere with your co-workers’, you must start to consider applying and working here :)

This year, we visited Boracay in the Philippines for 4 days from July 24 to July 27. Have you ever tried to go on a trip with around 40 co-workers together? Believe me, it sounds kind of crazy but actually incredibly fun.

Without further ado, let’s start the journey now.

Things to enjoy in Boracay

Sea & Beach & Sky

Boracay is a tiny island in the central Philippines, which is especially famous for its charming beaches and calming resorts. Along the west coast, the beach is often compared to paradise lost because it is backed by pristine waters, powdery white sands, palm trees, fancy bars, and restaurants. The sky is clearly blue in the daytime and at night you could count stars while sitting on the beach, having the wave sounds with you all the time.

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We selected the Henann Regency Resort and Spa as our accommodation. The facilities and everything are just perfect. You are able to rest or do activities just inside the resort, such as a spa, cafe, bar, swimming and so on. Everyday morning you can also enjoy a good breakfast in their cafeteria.

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‘MP Water Volleyball Game’ inside the resort


There is a great number of activities provided in Boracay. Everyone enjoyed them a lot that you could see from the photos below :)

01. Surfing

02. Jet Ski / Parasailing / Helmet Diving / Hopping Tour

03. Sunset Tour

04. Local Market & Shopping & Massage

05. Night Hangout & Meetup


In the Philippines, you are able to purchase a variety of fresh seafood in the local market and ask the restaurant to cook for you. It is an extraordinary experience you should try once in Boracay. The taste is great and also the atmosphere. And if you love McDonald, you can also try some special menus that are only sold in here. At last, you must try fresh fruit here like mango, pineapple and etc. Or the drink and dessert that is made by them.

Special Event for Mathpresso People

MP Night

At night, we prepared a special event — MP Night for Mathpresso people to gather together and talk freely about everything including company, life and so on. We did a survey about the company and shared with the whole team. Then we had a simple quiz time about CEO to seize their thoughts on many things from the company vision to their personal relationship.

The End

For me, it was an experience that I will never forget because I got to know everyone more deeply in the workshop. Every Mathpresso person has his or her own characteristic. People became closer and communicated a lot during the workshop. I think this is one of the biggest benefits of the workshop, which is able to build a strong emotional bond among the whole team.

The company is growing up and also everyone who works here. There could be something imperfect during the process, but it is much more important to have this awareness and attempt to make the whole team closer and better. I think the workshop really helped a lot on this point.

The review ends here. Thank you for your reading. Let’s look forward to the next trip :)


I want to seek forgiveness from you guys about my broken English in this article. I should have learned English hard (crying). If you have anything you feel weird or don’t understand, please feel free to correct or leave any comments. Thank you!

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